Mysteria wellness

Hotel Moravia - Lasákův mlýn has long been cooperating with Mysteria Wellness Boskovice. Wellness is located about 2 km from the hotel.

You can use:

  • Finnish sauna
    Thanks to their beneficial effects, Finnish saunas are very popular. The temperature is around 80-100 ° C and a real humidity of 10-15 percent.

  • Tropical bio sauna
    It is a combination of a classic Finnish and steam sauna. Temperatures range between 60 ° and 70 ° C and the humidity is 60 percent. Therefore, it is very popular especially for people with breathing difficulties.

  • Private whirlpool
    It offers uninterrupted relaxation for couples and groups of friends.

  • Massage
    Currently they offer a range of massages. In addition to the "classic" relaxing and sports massage, it also offers Swedish massage, chocolate and lava stones massage.

  • Phone: 0042 605 221 220
    e-mail: info@mysteria-wellness.

  • Pasáž Fáberka
    Kpt. Jaroše 23
    680 01, Boskovice